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8 Man Win

Midget-boys-in-dugoutThey did it. 12 to zero was the final score. Game five of the season and they are gelled up. The midget A team from St. Leonard came up with their first win of the season. It was due. Momentum has been building from the beginning. Despite the fact that they were only eight on the field, they worked together as one. “The other team wasn’t strong, but our boys did zero errors and really showed that they can play” was commented from assistant coach, Franco Cortina. He’s right. Momentum has been building. The pivoting game that started this upward motion may have been driven by Matthew Moser’s center field home run at Hebert Park in game three of the season. The boys knew that they were in it. Game four was no different. They played the Pantheres from Ahuntsic-Cartierville and gave them a run for their money with an unofficial tie game of 10 to 10. Parents and fans were not disappointed. They are enjoying the ride and believe that this ride can be a long one. Keep it up boys.